BellaTerra has enabled me to marry the expertise I have developed from a long career in Finance with my love for travel. I have been hands-on since the beginning of BellaTerra traveling to Europe to develop the business long before our first customer took their trip. Building the business from the ground up has given me a unique perspective on the travel business and in particular Supplier Relations.

I am British born and was fortunate to travel a great deal during my career, but I never tire of visiting my homeland and  developing options to share the UK with out clients. My love of travel has resulted in my purchase of a small house in Italy on the Adriatic coast, outside of the main tourist areas, and my commitment to learning to speak the Italian language as well as my fascination with single malt scotch whiskeys and perfecting limoncello and paella recipes. 

As BellaTerra continues to expand its reach through Europe, my efforts will be focused on supporting this effort and developing relations with the BellaTerra approved suppliers.