I joined BellaTerra a decade into my career looking for a new challenge, where I can apply my management skills and experience in travel. Interestingly enough, until I was a young teenager we could not travel abroad, however that didn't stop us from taking summer vacations throughout the country. Growing up in the Transylvania region of Romania, I learned to love nature from a young age, while my need for adventure intensified after each trip to the Carpathian Mountains. 

Later as a young adult, I did get the chance to travel extensively all over the world. I remember with great pleasure the exotic experiences: cooking class in Thailand, safari trip in South Africa, market visit in Morocco. However, coming from Europe, the Old Continent always had a special place in my heart. I fondly recall my exquisite lunch in a tiny Parisian bistro frequented mostly by locals, getting lost on Seville’s narrow streets chasing bright-colored buildings, driving across the Dolomites in Italy on a sunny afternoon.

One destination that I'm particularly interested about is the wine country. Growing up I used to hang out in my grandpa's vineyard learning about farming techniques and winemaking. As a kid I was allowed to taste only the 'must', which is the freshly pressed grape juice or young wine. Overall there is something about the wine country that's uniquely pleasing to me, a special combination of scenic landscape, cheerful people and good food, an experience that I would be glad to share with you.