The coastal city of Barcelona presents an ideal location on the Med, a warm climate, a young population, as well as a unique and bizarrely gorgeous architecture by famous architect Gaudi.  Madrid compensates the lack of sea with its vibrant cultural scene: concerts, theater, museums and art galleries are plenty. Eating is almost considered a sport and taken very seriously, hence the incredible choice of restaurants and tapas bars throughout the city.  But no trip to Spain would be complete without a visit to the Southern region of Andalucia: the breathtaking Alhambra in Granada, the cathedral and La Giralda of Seville, the mosque, synagogue and Roman bridge of Còrdoba. For those who need a relaxing break, hit the beach in Marbella or Màlaga or any resort on the beautiful Costa del Sol. Those looking for a very authentic experience should travel to Cadìz and Jerez to be amazed by the whitewashed houses and hilltop villages. The Northern part of Spain has some marvelous sights as well: San Sebastian will provide you with a gorgeous beach and the unique Basque culture. A pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela on the Path of St James is a must for any Christian. Wine enthusiasts will find La Rioja's wines delightful.

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