2016 Holiday Packages

Planning a winter getaway? Take advantage of one of our special Christmas packages! Limited offer valid in December only. 


Classic Packages

These packages are designed to provide what most travelers consider a quintessential itinerary. They cover the major attractions in the most popular destinations in France, Italy and Spain, while still offering a unique and personal travel experience. If you are a first time traveler, have a limited budget or you are mainly interested in the must-sees, the Classic package might be the right option for you.

Gourmet packages 

Best suited for travelers who enjoy food and wine and would like to make this the highlight of their trip. The gourmet packages include market visits, cooking classes, food and wine tastings and a few small group sightseeing tours.


Art & history packages

If you have a passion for art and history, enjoy visiting museums, wandering around ancient ruins and taking neighborhood walks, these packages will satisfy your needs. Not only we selected unusual tours with expert local guides, but we also made sure you would be staying in historic hotels or chateaux.


Regional packages

These packages are area focused and give the traveler the opportunity to explore a specific region in its depth. Well-suited for returning travelers or enthusiasts of a certain geographical or cultural region.