There are so many wonderful places to visit in Italy it's hard to choose.  If you’d like to get a taste of Italy the main ‘art’ cities are a place to start.  For a first trip many people will choose one or all of these cities to anchor their trip. Combine Venice, Florence and Rome for an unforgettable trip to Italy.  A trip to Florence can easily be combined with Tuscany for a taste of some local Chianti or Pecorino cheese or a visit to a monastery or Etruscan ruin.  You can also take a detour to the Cinque Terre bursting with colors and local cuisine.  Pair a stay in the Lake District and Milan to get a mix of the peaceful villages such as Como or Bellagio with the fashion capital of Europe.  From Rome, moving south the atmosphere is Mediterranean. The infinitely beautiful coastline of the Amalfi Coast will amaze you: Capri, Sorrento, Ravello as well as the ancient ruins of Pompei and Herculaneum are ideal sites to combine relaxation and exciting sightseeing. If you are looking for someplace far away from the museums and hustle and bustle consider the wonders of Southern Italy.  The sights and smells of Sicily are intoxicating. Olive and lemon groves, crystal clear blue waters, untouched sandy beaches, intriguing towns stuck in time.  Relax on the coast of Sardinia in the small town of Alghero and learn about the local way of life.  Escape altogether to the breathtaking Aeolian Islands with its active volcanoes, whitewashed houses and clear blue waters.

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