Our main goal is to provide you with an authentic experience and feel of the place you are visiting. No matter what activities you are into, we want to make sure that you enjoy them while truly exploring those fascinating towns and villages, along with the customs and traditions of the locals. 

Our selection of boutique hotels reflects the quality and the philosophy to which we aspire at BellaTerra Travel. Where you stay is a critical choice in the success of your vacation and can even enhance the whole trip. By booking one of our packages, you will benefit from the carefully selected properties that will bring you an authentic insight, and make you feel at home at the same time. 

France is a fairly small country (slightly smaller than Texas) and yet it would take oneself centuries to fully explore all its aspects. France is many layers of history represented by monuments of all sorts. It is the mountains and the beach, the small villages frozen in a certain era and the big modern cities. Experiencing France can be strolling along the docks of the capital of Romance, stuffing oneself with world-renowned pâtisseries, admiring majestic cathedrals standing proud, remaining speechless inside an intact prehistoric cave, running through the lavender fields of Provence, tasting the wine of ancestral vineyards, perfecting your art knowledge at centuries-old museums, buying fresh produce for dinner at the farmer’s market, looking glam on a beach in St Tropez or hurtle down the ski slopes in Courchevel.

Although Italy has 20 distinct regions, only having been reunified in 1861, there is a feeling of warmth and home that permeates the entire country.  Good food and wine are everywhere and the simple sweet life of Italy, La Dolce Vita, is found whether you are sipping wine on a terrace in Tuscany, taking a gondola ride in Venice or drinking limoncello in Sorrento.  Experience Italy at its best is to visit the amazing masterpieces of the Renaissance in Florence, the Sistine Chapel in Rome and float on the canals in Venice.  The crisp cool lakes in the north and the spectacular views of Amalfi make you feel like you are living inside of a postcard.  The food and wine culture in Italy is incomparable.  Eating spaghetti Bolognese in Bologna and tasting wine overlooking a field of sunflowers or listening to the Gregorian chants in the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore is as memorable as your first glimpse of the David.

A trip to Spain is one that will surely remain engraved in your heart and leave you longing for the Mediterranean lifestyle. One of the most striking aspects of Spain is its very strong, unique culture, shaped over centuries of battles and conquers and influenced by Moorish, Jewish and Roman peoples. Architecture, language and customs reflect this one-of-a-kind mix in the everyday life. The people of Spain play a major role in the attractiveness of the country: the many festivals are a constant excuse to get the fiesta going and spread the contagious joy for life. 

At BellaTerra Travel we are committed to creating the perfect vacation package. Whether you would like to combine a trip to Italy, France or Spain with another destination of your choice, or take a trip to different destination in Europe, our experienced team of travel consultants is ready to put together the trip you're looking for.